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Rapmaster Rocket Ship


Any fans of Toejam & Earl will recognize their awesome, funky, Rapmaster Rocket Ship. The entire goal of their very first game on the Sega Genesis was to find all the pieces and reassemble their ship to escape all the insane Earthlings. Almost sounds like the plot to a Lego game.

This set consists of nearly 900 pieces, which is a few more than the old game required you to find (Rocketship Windshield, Left Megawatt Speaker, Super Funkomatic Amplamator, Amplamator Connector Pin, Forward Stabilizing Unit, Rear Leg, Righteous Rapmaster Capsule, Awesome Snowboard, Right Megawatt Speaker, Hyperfunk Thruster).

I encourage any fan of the game to try and make their own version of this gnarly spacecraft, as mine is far from a perfectly faithful representation. This game was fun and unique, which are the first two things I think of when it comes to people making their own Lego creations.

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