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Treehouse Hideaway


A little treehouse hideaway. The perfect place to kick back and relax!

A simple project to get started or a nice addition to other Lego sets, it would go great particularly with other Lego houses. The openness would allow easy access from all sides of the set, especially handy for more that one person to play, and the large trapdoor admits minifigures with ease (featuring a catch on the bottom to prevent the trapdoor from swinging down). Other accessories such as flowers, plants, animals, hanging fruit, and edibles could be easily added from other sets if desired. All in all a fun set to build and play!

This set would include: two minifigures, open treehouse with trapdoor in a leafy tree, barrel, box, table, seat, shelves, vase, flower, mug, newspaper, envelope, and of course pie!

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