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Concrete Pump

Yayyyyyy!!!  This is my first submission!!! My creation is a concrete truck that I created after countless hours of sitting home to occupy some of my time.  I think my creation would make a great LEGO set because I have not seen any other concrete pump like it.  I tried to capture as accurately as possible the most realistic aspects of the pump.  Some of the realistic elements of the truck consist of the cab of the truck tilts to reveal the motor, the concrete hopper has a functioning grate to screen incoming concrete into the pump, the outriggers move out to support the concrete boom while extended pumping concrete, a hose extends from the rear of the hopper up onto the back of the truck and up into the boom to be pumped out onto the construction site.

Please vote for my special build, as I would love to see my concrete pump become a LEGO set in mass production!

Thank you! :)

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