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Ratatouille: Let's Open The Doors


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Gusteau's intimate conviction has always been to offer customers exceptional dishes, worthy of being tasted and shared. But Auguste didn't stop there, he always wanted to offer new dishes, wacky mixes and supreme quality products. After the reopening in August 2020 of our establishment, we offered our customers more than 10,000 dishes. But inspiration isn't something you can constantly draw on, and Rémy and Linguini hit a dead end due to a lack of inspiration. To honor our convictions and respect our customers, we made the heavy decision, in February 2021, to close our establishment again. After a well-deserved vacation, Rémy and Linguini have worked on new dishes that are as surprising as they are delicious. After more than a year of non-activity, we are happy to announce the reopening of our restaurant! Please host Ratatouille: let's open the doors!

Let us introduce you to our new dishes. Please find below the menu of Gusteau's summer edition.

This is a collaborative project with @CARLIERTI

After two attempts to represent the iconic Gusteau restaurant from the Disney/Pixar animated film "Ratatouille", which unfortunately did not succeed, I am happy to present you today a third version of it. You will surely wonder why this third version, and you are totally entitled to ask yourself this question. Well, the answer is simple. As Anton Ego rightly says, I don't like Ratatouille, I love it. And that's exactly why I work so hard on it. It would be a dream come true for me if this project finally sees the light of day. I am convinced that Linguini and Rémy deserve a special place in LEGO Ideas.

This third version is by far the most ambitious model. Having always wanted to integrate the rat restaurant (which I made appear in miniature in the first version) as well as Linguini's apartment, I finally decided to take the plunge for this third version. I took advantage of the first and second floors of Gusteau's restaurant to add both rooms. Of course, it's not exactly as the film shows us, but I find it interesting to compact everything into a single building. In the end, I'm very proud of this third release. Packed with a lot of movie references I think it's the perfect version for all "Ratatouille" lovers.

With a total number of 2900 pieces and 5 minifigures, fans of the film will be able to recreate almost all the scenes from the film: whether it's in the backyard of the restaurant, where Linguini and Colette shared their first kiss, Linguini's kitchen where the latter met Rémy for the premiere, the restaurant itself where Ego tasted the succulent Ratatouille, the rat-restaurant which welcomes the most gourmet rats and even Linguini's apartment where Rémy and Linguini learned to coordinate their movements. This set will delight all fans of the film. And even more, even those who have never seen the film, will be able to appreciate the details of a typical Parisian house (that said, I strongly invite you to go see this film directly, I assure you, you will have a great time).
To facilitate playability, each element is detachable. So you can remove one by one the roof of the restaurant, the apartment of Linguini, the rat-restaurant, as well as the roof of the kitchen. Finally, you can rotate at 180° the last two elements (the kitchen and the restaurant) to change the orientation of the model and make it easier to access the dining tables.

We are coming to the end! I hope you enjoyed our dishes as much as we enjoyed making them for you. You were so nice to us that we are happy to offer you the meal! In exchange, we would like you to give us your opinion on your experience at Gusteau's. To do this, simply click on "Support" and follow the steps that will be indicated.

We very much hope to see you again one day in our establishment. Next time don't come alone! We will be happy to welcome your friends or family members. So do not hesitate to tell them about us. Who knows, maybe thanks to you, we will meet other lovers of French cuisine!

This is a collaborative project with @CARLIERTI

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