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Charlie Chaplin - Modern Times

Celebrate the legend Charlie Chaplin with this detailed LEGO set depicting the memorable scenes of his evergreen silent film ’Modern Times’ (1936). Try the hidden mechanism and move the Little Tramp next to the production line! Attach the feeding machine and test it!

Details about this LEGO Ideas project:

  • Turn the crank and watch the assembly line in operation, as well as Chaplin moves back and forth along the machine!
  • Attach the decorated 6x6 tile and turn the wall of the toilet into a giant screen, showing the factory manager as he is observing the workers!
  • Includes 3 minifigures: Charlie Chaplin as The Little Tramp, Stanley „Tiny” Sandford as Big Bill an Allan Ernest Garcia as the President of the factory. Plus, the malfunctioning feeding robot.
  • Includes approximately 1000 individual LEGO pieces.
  • Factory measures 11,2 cm high, 38,2 cm wide and 8 cm deep.


As you can see, this model includes mainly light bluish grey, dark bluish grey, black and white LEGO pieces.

Although, the minifigures are colourful regular figs, from parts I have in my personal collection. I mixed a bunch of minifigure parts to depict the film characters as accurately as I can. For a real LEGO set, special prints and minifigure parts in greyish colours would be necessary.

I applied filter to make the B/W video and pictures. This caused different shades of greys, but you can check the original coloured pictures in the photo roll.

Thank you!

Thank you for supporting this project! Please, tell your thoughts in a comment. If you know someone who would like this idea, please, share! Let make this project real and have a nice display model, as tribute to the genius filmmaker.

About the creator:

I am a 30 years old, lifelong LEGO fan from Hungary. My first sets were 325 and 525. I have built layouts, dioramas and vignettes since 2010. I like to build alone and together with adults or children. My favourite themes are Harry Potter and Ideas, but I collect sets from other themes too.

Fun fact: in the video, I provide the voice of the factory manager.

Legal notice: Charlie Chaplin™ © Bubbles Inc. S.A. -  Modern Times © Roy Export S.A.S

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