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Group of the Mushrooms

What is it?
It's a diorama which show part of the forest with mushrooms. There are three mushrooms on a stand. They all in different sizes. To add variety to this work, I've decided to create some flowers and berries. For example, It has got two bushes of blueberry, three yellow and violet flowers. I've also added many parts of grass.
Why did I build it?
I build it because I really love going to the forest and picking mushrooms. Another reason is the beauty of forest, which inspired me to create this idea.
Why I believe this would make a great Lego set?
So, I believe this would make a great Lego set because many humans around the world like to enjoy the forest ambience. Even if someone don't like this or never have experience with picking mushrooms, I hope it can be a really pleasant thing to bring to the shelf in your room.

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