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LEGO Marble Tower


This is a huge 7 foot tall and 5 foot tall LEGO Marble Tower setup. It takes the balls up seven feet then lets them slide down a ramp that is three feet long to the other tower. Once the balls reach the 2nd tower they drop into it and pop out half way down. They then circle the tower on a series of ramps befor they exit at the bottom.

The Video below shows this huge GBC (Great Ball Contraption) in action. It can use only a few balls or  a lot of balls. Being a 7 foot tall tower and a 5 foot tall tower it is hard to have room for it. The towers (if made correctly) are sturdy and can hold up the 3 foot long bridge easily. It stands high enough for you to stand underneath the bridge; with balls rolling above your head! This certainly is not a practicable project for LEGO to produce; but it is worth a try.

See Video of the Project in Action

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