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This set contains the things you might need in your office. I've built this set, because why should I buy these things when I can build them for myself.

This set includes:
- A LEGO minifigure display to put in front of the camera during video meetings.
- A combined headphone and mobile phone holder.
- A medieval tower style pencil holder.
- An angled laptop stand.

Probably my favorite build from this bundle is the minifigure display. It allows you to smuggle some fun into the (usually boring) video meetings. When you have to go out from the meeting you just leave one of the minifigures included in this set or your own favorite Minifigure in the meeting. You can mix it up and build your own backgrounds to the stand. It’s really easy to use, just put your laptop monitor between the two legs. Make sure that it’s in front of the camera. If you want you can adjust the height of the legs, so it displays your minifigure more like he was sitting in front of the computer.

Here is a look from the perspective of a web camera:

The combined headphone and mobile phone holder is ideal for work. In its foundation, there is a groove into which you can put your cell phone into. This will hold your cell phone, for long video calls or while you work. On the top of the stand, there is a big groove, where you can put your headphone when you are not using it. I find it really annoying, when my headphone lingers on my desk, it makes the whole desk seem so messy. That is my solution for this problem.

The medieval-style pencil holder is based on a tower. The tower has some stone texture to it. You can put your pencils (or minifigures) into the tower. Besides that, you can lay your pens in the top grooves, so you can easily find them.

The last build in this set is a laptop stand. With it, you can angle your laptop, so you can see your keyboard better. You can adjust the legs in the back, so your laptop is angled as much as you wish. This also helps if your laptop is air-cooled, with the intakes on the bottom. Because it lifts up the bottom of the laptop.
Thank you for your support!

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