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Snow Cone Shop

When you're at the beach, you need to have a snack - and no snack says "summer" better than a nice cold snow cone! This snow cone shop is ready to help you enjoy the taste of summer. With four flavors to choose from (grape, orange, cherry, and blueberry), you'll be sure to find something tasty. With its small size, this snow cone shop would fit nicely in any beach scene location you choose.

This set has 245 pieces, comes with 1 minifigure, is roughly a 4" cube, and sits on a 8x12 footprint. This small set is also packed full of details - including the four flavor pumps, a cash register, extra cups, five under counter cabinets, two ceiling lights, lots of fun decorations on the outside, two custom printed tiles (the sign and the menu) and even a seagull perched on the roof. Also, the bright, bold colors easily catch the eye and help draw in customers.

Come and enjoy a nice cold snow cone as you relax on the beach! Leave a note in the comments with what flavor you would choose.

PS. This model was originally entered in a GWP contest that was beached themed. It was in first place for a good portion of the contest, but, sadly, wasn't chosen as one of the finalists. With your support, perhaps it can become a real set anyway!

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