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Old City Life


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Old City Life

A city comes alive through its inhabitants and the everyday life in which they live ...

Many people live together in big cities day by day, go to work by tram, buy a newspaper at the kiosk or just walk with their dog. That's how it is today and how it was 100 years ago.

My model shows the life in and on a forecourt of an old city 100 years ago. The tram goes directly over the place and the tracks can be seen only with the overhead lines. An old advertising pillar is being covered with new posters.

People enjoy their everyday life, take the tram to work and buy a newspaper at the kiosk. Park benches provide a good location for time-outs to watch the city life.

You can watch the persecution of a thief by two policemen in old uniform or just listen to the bird on the tree.

The set offers many interactions, the kiosk, which has a quick-detachable roof and many surprises inside. The highlight: The tram is based on an original model, which is prepared for Power Functions or Powered Up.

The set contains:

2423 bricks, 17 people, a dog, a bird, various accessories, a tram, a kiosk, a tree, a lantern with benches, an advertising pillar and a beautiful tiled forecourt/place with tracks and overhead line.

I hope you like my city life and you can dive into the old days.


Take your seats please!  


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