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Adventure In a Book!

Many times, when I can't find anything to do, it can be really delightful to simply sit down and read a book. Book-reading has been a favorite pastime for centuries, not surprisingly, because books have the amazing power of taking people places without the need of actual travel! In this LEGO idea, I wanted to depict that wonder of book-reading which lets you visit beautiful landscapes, castles, or even dragons—without even leaving your favorite tree branch!

I think this would be an awesome little LEGO set, because I built it both to look good on display and have excellent playability. The minifigure and brick-built book character dragon are both easily posable and can come off the larger creation to be played with and examined. On the opposite side of the tree, there is a mini landscape with tiny houses, a castle, and even a waterfall spilling over onto the clouds beneath it. I had loads of fun building it and I am sure others will to!

I used many interesting building techniques in this creation, chiefly in raising the ‘picture frame’ feature (which borders the base of many LEGO sets) into the air, to try and give the whole thing a large and rather surreal feeling. I love how this effect turned out! Also, if you look carefully, you will see that I used a sausage element for the dragon’s neck, a blunderbuss piece for a tree root, and a Mixels eyeball as a cloud beneath the castle, which is built completely upside-down!

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