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Venetian Gondola - Minifgure Scale

I present to you a minifigure scale gondola. The iconic tourist attraction nowadays, but back in the day the way of transport through Venice.

It's always striking how authentic the city still is and how many elements have been preserved as they looked 500 years ago. One of the elements that really stands out for me is the gondola. In its shape or appearance never changed and yet the iconic element that immediately reminds you of Venice.

A souvenir most tourist take home to remind you of your last vacation.

How nice would it be if you could get this gondola as a LEGO set! The ideal set and/or gift for Venice and LEGO lovers from all over the world. And last but not least; the model can also be used in your city as it is built as a playable LEGO model.

As a fan of LEGO and the beautiful city of Venice I had to make a small LEGO set to get me back towards my own vacations there. That's why I made this model.

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