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Fantasy Castle (micro-scale).

Behold yonder! Beyond the micro-mountains nestled in the micro-valley! The micro-scale Fantasy Castle awaits you! Where kings feast and dragons slumber. Where brave knights slay ancient beasts and deadly ghouls lie in ancient catacombs. Add this beautiful piece of micro-architecture to your collection. The Fantasy Castle offers a compact and affordable way to own a magnificent LEGO castle. 

Micro-scale LEGO sets offer a unique opportunity to build enormous structures on a tiny scale. Using bricks in unique and unusual ways fans can create lofty towers, crenellations, bridges, gables, and Rocky Mountains. Technic cogs become architectural flourishes, ski sticks become tower tops, and sloping bricks become treacherous cliffs. 

This set is specifically designed for both play & display with each part of the structure being able to be pulled apart for easy access and to facilitate alternative MOCs. It is also perfect for display being packed with detail and gorgeous from every angle. 

This set draws inspiration from castles across Europe including Germany’s Neuschwanstein, Spain’s Alcazar de Segovia, and Castillo Olite in the Spanish region of Navarre. 

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