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Fuzz-Space Shuttle


A few months ago I was brainstorming ideas for what to build next and I came up with this. I call it the Fuzz-Space Shuttle. I gave it that named because it is shaped like an F which stands for Fuzz. This ship would be used in space battles and is heavily weaponized so its no easy target. The reason this ship is kind of blocky is because of it's armor. Swarms of this ship would be sent into battle. There is a crew of two minifigures on board. One figure piloting the ship and one operating the big heavy blaster on the front.

My main goal with this build was to make it the shape of an F because I've never seen a ship that shape before. I chose the color blue because I had the most blue peices available to me when I built this, and I think it turned out looking pretty good. I made sure to add some detail to the interior, including a couple control panels, a spinning chair for the pilot, and a fold down bed for when the ship has to stay the night somewhere. It also has a ramp in the back that goes down when the ship lands. I really enjoyed building this creation, and I'm happy with how it turned out.


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