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M-Tron Space Station Emse-12 (Electromagnetic Space Elevator)

Welcome to Space Station EMSE-12, M-Tron's Electromagnetic Space Elevator on the 12th moon of the planet Octanus! The backbone of M-Tron's mining operations, this outpost takes mined materials from the surface to outer space where cargo ships will retrieve them for interstellar transport.

Unlike most Lego space factions, M-Tron never had a base, so I decided to create this one to help complete their story. My goal was to create a base with great playability that would feel as true to the original theme as possible.

The space elevator, which can transport two large cargo bins at a time, is also equipped with a technic pin on the front and rear to "lock" it into the rail, making it possible for the elevator to be positioned at any height. The main building with it's massive dome houses the electromagnetic generator as well as the communications array. The space elevator itself is serviced by the movable crane which also unloads the surface cargo transports after they bring cargo to the base. The elevator is operated by a control tower which oversees operations. Two power transport vehicles and with a small cargo jet transport batteries. Other features of the base include a vehicle refueling station, elevated walkways, cargo storage, and battery storage.

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