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Pawn Shop


Hello, I present my new project: THE PAWN SHOP

My project is composed of 3 ideas.

  • The first idea was to use all the unused accessories to present and change them according to his desires in the Pawn shop.
  • The second idea was to create an atypical building, like a old factory.
  • The two ideas gave me the third idea: To make a PawnShop.

The modular is divided into several levels:

A ground floor with display windows, a cash register corner, a huge storage cabinet and tiled floor, a staircase that goes upstairs.

A mezzanine floor, with among others: Samurai armor, a chest, a chess game, a bike, a globe, an old phone and access to the restoration workshop

A glass roof with chimney and a window roof.

The tower is composed of 1 rooftop water tank and 3 levels with rooms:

A restoration workshop with all the necessary tools, including a vice.

An accounting office with a safe.

The old machine room of the factory with the old engine and a spider.

The exterior is as important as the interior, I tried to give it a real life by introducing, a power pole, a mailbox, two free newspapers distributors box, a beverage vending machine and a candy vending machine, a big tree and a vintage fire hydrant.

The facade is detailed with large windows and boxes of air conditioners.

The building measures 48cm high, and composed of around 2500 pieces, plus a hundred accessories

There are two access doors to easily change the store's accessories in the shop windows.

Thanks for taking the time to look over the project and hope that you liked what you saw.
Don't hesite to post comment.

Thanks for the attention and have a nice day.

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