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Witch's Den


This LEGO tree is made of mostly brown slanted and quadrilateral blocks with light and dark green and a bit of really dark green leaves. This trees height is 28.5 cm tall and its base and tree are 17.5cm wide. Its has a spinning door that falls down revealing the contents of a cauldron which has a portal piece on top of it. The interior also has a rack of potions that are about 7 blocks wide and 4 and 2 flats high. The potions rack is full of potions (circle based triangles with coloured 1 by 1 circular blocks on top, a piece of blue cryptonite and a fat oval shaped block with again a 1 by 1 circular blocks on top. It has, as shown in the pictures, moving parts. It has a spinning branch, two hinged branches that move vertically and a loose branch that is in the position so that you can move it up and down without a hinge. It has brown mountain pieces to add the "tree" effect. It has a barrel to the side that you can shoot, using a pushy that knocks the barrel stack if hit hard enough. It has mushrooms and frogs to make it more spooky. It also has a grey piece at the entrance to look like a gravel path.

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