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Modular City Park: Emmet Memorial


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Welcome to the Modular City Park: Emmet Memorial!

This is a modular pleasure ground, which is very suitable to loosen up the modular street. It fits perfectly between two modular buildings.

It´s built on a 32x32 baseplate. The set consists of 801 pieces.

The core of the park is a monument of Emmet, who preserved the Lego world of being kragled! 

The towners can get some recovering at this peaceful place. They can sit under the trees, have a lunch break, read newspapers out of the news rack, feed the doves, watch the pond, gaze at the statue, or play on the green space.


  • elderly woman
  • construction worker
  • business man
  • male teenager
  • female teenager
  • female kid
  • male kid
  • Emmet statue


  • 2 doves
  • frog
  • cat

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