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Motholine Park LARP Event

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Deep in the Mothorline Park Woods, there is a great event going, the annual Mothorline Park LARP Event. Now if one needs to be reminded of what LARPING is, it stands for (Live Action Role Playing). You have from left to right on image 5, John Watson out of costume followed by his Gnoll costume. Followed by Sarah as Merida the red head druid, Alice as Merithel the high elf wizard, Margret in the black robe as the Game Master holding a map and a six sided die, Peter the dwarf as Hester the Mighty, Mike as Morgo the Ranger, William as Jodin (Pronounced Yodin) the Mighty and Phoebe as Zelda the mighty.  It is Margret's job to guild the players through the story of riding the land of the fearsome Gnoll known as Morget Oneeye and raid its layer of treasure becoming heroes known across the land.Your in world foam weapons are no match against Morget's foam club.

I built this set being a fan of LARPING and I thought it would be fun to create a set based on it. I also thought it would be funny to play with the idea of LARP guideline's which are you are suppose to use fake foam weapons, the characters "using foam axes and bows and staffs and hacky sacks in game" .

I believe this will make a great set because by combining LARPING with LEGO I feel that it elevates what LEGO's core values are, which are imagination and play and what is more imaginative then playing with LEGO characters who are pretending to live action role play as characters they have created.

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