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The Ancient Library


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"The ancient library reveals itself only to the ones, who are looking for knowlege. Although even if somebody finds it, first the door riddle must be solved, and then Ibos - The ancient librarian, must jugde their intentions. Then one can enter the library, to read powerful and wise books, rent legendary weapons, armor and tools, gain control of magic portal, or even get knowlege from Oitar - The first, and the strongest knowlege book in this world."


My new project is the library build with 3 minifigures, 6 animal figures and many special minifigure accesories. The build is modular, and has mechanised door, with special riddle, that prevents the opening of it. There are 3 floors: The first one as bookshelves, one exhibition and door mechanism; the second has some bookshelves, some tables and huge accesoryies display; and the third has the portal enterance and the Oitar book. All of the designs were created entirely by me. Minifigure in this set are:

  • The Mage
  • The Adventurer
  • Ibos - the Ancient Librarian
  • Scout - The brave dog
  • 4 owls
  • 1 ledybug

The build consists of  1477 bricks and was made in LDD

Please support and follow my projct, and if you like this one, check out thhe other fantasy project that I have made.

Thank you! Have fun building!

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