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The Fishy Tavern

Welcome to the Fishy Tavern! Prepare yourself for many fun surprises!
So let's get started:
What is the Fishy Tavern?
The Fishy Tavern is an 1800's inn set on high rocks in a faraway sea. The inn has three stories. The first floor is a mini restaurant for hungry voyagers and has a nice fireplace to keep people warm. The second and third floors are bedrooms, each included with a fireplace, bed, desk and chair, and if a customer pays a little more, he can get the third floor with a bathroom. The finishing piece of the Fishy Tavern is a very unique roof with a chimney and a cannon to ward off invaders. But wait, there's more! To get to the inn, a traveler must tie his boat up in the harbor. The dock in the harbor is long and narrow with a stable for any traveling horses and a stable storage next to the stable as well as a pile of hay underneath the stable roof. At the end of the dock, stairs lead up to a booth. The man in the booth conducts the bride crossing to get to the tavern. Perhaps the most exciting of it all is the secret harbor underneath the inn, where a treasure box awaits at the end of the rocks for the first person to discover it.

I started out with an idea of a tall inn on top of grey slopes resembling rocks, and soon enough, my idea came to life. I believe that this would be a great Lego set because it is full of details and fun secrets that are sure to appeal to the imaginations of all Lego enthusiasts. I am excited to share this with all of you Lego lovers, and I hope everyone thinks it is as cool as I do.

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