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How this set came to life? 

My fascination for this instrument began many years ago and It has only grown through the years. What you see here is a replica of my favorite cello from the 1800s and it belongs to my favorite cellist; my girlfriend.

This is a set that I wanted to design from a long time ago but its process began actually till November 2020 and it was sunk for a couple of weeks. However, inspired by the ballerina I made this week for the contest “I love sports”, I could finish the model and here it is.

How did I make it?

At first I made thousands of photographs of the real cello and drew drafts on paper. Due to its particular shape, you have to try to “translate” its curves in bricks and, since only the best is enough, it must be as stable as possible. It took several tries to make the right scale and to avoid to make it like a Contrabass or a violin.

I had a particular problem with the strings because of two main reasons: i) the usage of these flexible elements in (quite difficult) and ii) the width of the neck had to stay thin. At the end, I had no space enough to place 4 strings on its neck and that’s why they are only two at the end.  The alternative: strings with end studs. Those should make it but are flexible objects. I will try to build this set and show you how cool they look :P

How many pieces does the set had and what does it have?

It has exactly 501 pieces and it comes with the cello and its bow, support and music stand.

Does it have functions?

<font color="#000000">Yup! You can adjust the music stand and the endpin. Especial thanks to Mrs. Davis for telling me the name of the Satchel in English 😅

💡 I do believe that this set would be a great one based on three facts:

  1. The design is simple but elegant. It can attract more people to our community and its target would be not only adults but young builders.
  2. This set can be used as decoration because it is a piece of exhibition. For example, you can picture it on your desk.
  3. Many people were amazed with the grand piano, why don’t we continue the line with other instruments like the violin of Samuel Ho or this amazing cello? 

If you supported me, many thanks for your time and if you read all of it: many thanks for your attention. 

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