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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time- Kakariko Village

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After seeing the possibilities of Lego the Legend of Zelda products, and being a LEGO and Zelda fan myself, I have decided to help the Zelda community and show LEGO what Zelda means to us. This project will appeal to Zelda fans everywhere as well as people who might not be familiar with it.

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Please remember that this is not a copy of the previous Legend of Zelda projects, but yet another chance to inspire the Legend of Zelda LEGOs.

This project is based on Ocarina of Time for now, but these pictures are not official products. These are just concepts and will eventually be updated as time passes and supporters are gained.

These designs were made on LEGO Digital Designer.

This set design is Kakariko Village from the beloved video game, the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It includes several characters, locations, and scenes from the game, such as:

two variations of Link (young and adult) with the Korkiri sword, Master Sword, Deku shield, Hylian Shield, the Ocarina of Time, and hookshot,

the front gate with a Hylian guard,

a tree with the disgusting man, Grog, and his father,

steps leading up to the well with Shiek and her harp,

the well which opens up to reveal the Lens of Truth,

the old Skulltula house, with two members of the Skulltula family and a cursed member as a printed sticker on a wall plate,

the cuccos in a fenced in area, with their owner Anju,

the tall lookout tower with a Gold Skulltula crawling on the side,

the gate to Death Mountain with another Hylian guard, wearing Keaton's Mask,

the graveyard entrance, the graveyard, the young boy impersonating Dampe the gravekeeper, Dampe's shed, a Poe, and Dampe himself,

and finally, the functioning windmill with Guru- Guru and his music box.

Unfortunately, all of the pictures of the set cannot fit on this website due to the set being very large (around 3,000 pieces).

These are all of the minifigures included with this set. There are:

(Front row) several cuccos, two variations of Link (adult with the Master Sword and Hylian Shield, and young with the Korkiri Sword and Deku Shield)- also with the Ocarina of Time, Hookshot, and Lens of Truth- and a Gold Skulltula.

(Middle row) two members of the Skulltula family, Grog, Guru- Guru, Shiek, and Grog's father.

(Back row) two Hylian Guards (one with Keaton's mask), Anju, a Poe, and Dampe the gravekeeper.

This shows Shiek near the well and steps leading up to it. The Kakariko well can be opened up to reveal the mysterious item, the Lens of Truth, which Link finds in the bottom of the well.

This is the Kakariko Graveyard, which includes the entrance, several graves, the young boy, Dampe the gravekeeper, a Poe, and Dampe's shed.

This is the windmill's interior which can be viewed by opening up the back. When the exterior mill is spun, the interior also spins. It includes Guru- Guru and shows the young variation of Link playing the Song of Storms on the Ocarina of Time.

I would really like to show more detailed pictures and information on them, but unfortunately, the set is much too large too show every part on LEGO CUUSOO's website. I am limited to post up to five images of the set, but I will have a link to the site will all of the pictures- including these and more detailed, close up ones- up soon which I will post on this page.


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