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2001: A Space Odyssey


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Relive some of the most iconic moments of Stanley Kubrick's famous 1968 film, 2001: A Space Odyssey ! This set is packed with details from the movie and has loads of play functions to appeal to both adults and kids alike. If you're a fan of the movie or even just interested in space and exploration, please take the ten seconds to support. Every vote counts!

This set features:

Discovery One spaceship playset

- EVA Pod

- Mysterious Monolith

- Dave Bowman and Frank Poole minifigures

- Special HAL 9000 piece

The Discovery One playset has four areas: main computer, kitchen, medical bay, and emergency airlock. The airlock features a catapult on the back to launch a figure inside the spaceship. The medical bay bed has an adjusting headrest. You can grab food and put it on a tray in the kitchen. Two minifigures can be sat in front of the computer to converse with HAL 9000. The EVA pod has an opening front to sit a minifigure inside and also has moving arms.

The set has a total of 336 pieces, bringing it in the reasonable price range of $30-35 USD. Thanks for viewing, and please remember to support!



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