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"Sand" Mini Nature Dioramas (Tropical Beach, Island Jungle, Desert)


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Hey there. This is a special set that is designed to make backgrounds for your town / battle / display. The set contains 3 small "Micro Nature Dioramas"based around the theme of "Sand". There is a Tropical Beach, an Island Jungle and a Desert. You can of course mix and match the pieces for more vareity. All the platforms are fully LEGO-built and will not fall apart during transport (even if you hold it upside down or side ways, all the pieces are attached). The platforms are 16 by 16 studs and are built on a baseplate. You can attach the platforms with the pegs at the bottom to get an infinite size and vareity in your landscape. 

Tropical Beach

Take a refreshing dive or drink a cold beverage while you watch the caribbean sunset. The Tropical Beach is ideal for making a resort or an island. You could also use it for multiple battle MOC's from D-Day to Rogue One's Scarif (although you might have to remove the beach chair). The Tropical Beach features a small bay, a palmtree with coconuts and a beach chair. It comes with 2 minifigures: a Male Beach Goer and a Female Beach Goer. 

Island Jungle

Hunt for treasure through the island's rain forest but be wary of the natives. The Island Jungle can be used for the aforementioned island or for an explorers adventure. It features a vareity of bushes and plant's on a semi-sand floor. There are also 3 large palm-like trees with some dangling vines and a small altar. The Island comes with 2 minifigures: an Island Native and an Altar Doll with artifacts / treasure. 


Wander throught the blaring desert but try not to end up like the pharaoh. The Desert can be used for an Ancient Egyptian landscape, a whole lot of Star Wars planets and even to extend the beach. It contains a cactus, some rocks and the skeleton of some kind of creature. The Desert comes with 1 minifigure: a Pharaoh skeleton. 

I hope that you support this project so that we can buy it and easily get the pieces and instructions to make many sandy landscapes. I will probably give a couple of these away if it gets approved and I'll put instructions on how to enter in the giveaway in my showcase video (see updates tab). Consider checking out my other projects as well 

Have a nice day :D

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