Product Idea |

Witch House.


This house has a new way of building a roof.

This makes it new to all other buildings.

The way it looks bent gives it the impression that it is old.

I build it on a 32x32 baseplate so it can fit next to a modular model.

This makes it suitable for children to play with but can also be displayed in a scene.

The tree in the front has leaves, something i always miss with the normal Lego trees.

The bented roof, the tree and the well makes it look like a witch house.

With this model the minifig witch has a house.

That adds value to it to play with for children and make their own story.

The interior in the model makes it great to build for teenagers and adults.

The stove and sink use both S.N.O.T. technique.

The model contains 1,286 pieces.


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