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Twin - Engine Jet


Twin- engine jet

Airplanes are fascinating machines and they are full of mechanics- almost in every single part. Inspired from them, my entry model is a training airplane, equipped with twin jet engine and bottom air intake. This is military type plane but it carries no weapons. It is for pilots' training and aerobatic maneuvers only- for example, U.S Navy Blue Angels. Model is made with my own LEGO® Technic parts from different sets. As features, it has manual controlled ones; I hope you will like it:                                                  

  • Wings ailerons and retractable main landing gears

These two functions are controlled by the jet engine nozzles and selected by a blue clutch shifter. Landing gears and wheels are fully fitted into the fuselage and wings. Their movement is synchronized and works simultaneously. Unfortunately airplane is too heavy to stand on its own “legs” and needs a stand.

  • Dual- tail rudders and in- flight refuel system

Independently controlled by two small black tooth wheels- one is right behind the cockpit and the other on the plane’s upper body.

  • Wings flaps and air brakes

These two features’ operation is packed in one central lever. It has 4 positions:

  1. No flaps extended and no air brakes panels deployed;
  2. Flaps extend at 80%;
  3. Flaps extend at 100% and air brakes deploy at 50%;
  4. Flaps extend at 100% and air brakes deploy at 100%.

My design idea was to save space and make the operations more realistic and correctly from aviation point of view.

  • Breaking parachute

This feature is only a detail. It can be attached to the airplane if wanted.

Thank you for your time.

Best regards,

Gregory Bak.


Video demonstration at: