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Classic Train Depot Station

I've always wanted a western-style depot for my LEGO trains but could never find one that looked right, so I built one! I didn't have any direct reference for building this, so you literally will never see one like it. I added a roof area not indigenous to the time period for the cemented track section because it looked empty, but you're free to remove it for a more classic look. I'm at a whopping 2,940 pieces and I did not see any logical way I could put anything worthwhile inside the station with only 40 pieces, but that just means you have get more creative than me. I focused my attention mainly to outer detail, you can see this on the station's frame, as well as the lamps and classic buffers.

I do have one feature in particular, which will definitely catch your eye, the classic rotary-signals have light-bricks at their bases, just push them down and watch the signals light up! You can also rotate the signals to change the light's color.

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