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Classic Holiday Nutcracker


My family has collected over three hundred nutcrackers through the years of varying shapes, sizes, and materials. I originally built my LEGO Classic Holiday Nutcracker to add to our extensive collection. My hope is that others can now also enjoy him in their homes during the holidays and experience the the joy of building it year after year as anyone who grows up with LEGO building sets knows. My nutcracker stands just under 2 feet tall with movable arms and an authentic nutcracker jaw that can actually open and close for effect. It is a must-have for anyone who loves the traditional holiday nutcracker and enjoys LEGO building sets.

I've been trying to contact support to tell them that this set does not contain over 3000 pieces but have not gotten any reply. I am going to try submitting it again and hopefully this message will be seen as there is no other way to post comments. My nutcracker set actually has even less than 2000 pieces and it would be much appreciated if my set could be reviewed as such.

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