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Submarine with sea monster


You never know whats lurking in the deep!

Enjoy underwater adventures with this fully articulated submarine set with a Sci-Fi twist. Set includes a submarine with features like pose-able grabber arms, rotating thrusters, rotating fins, opening top hatch, opening dome, position-able lights, and detailed interior full of high tech instruments. Set includes two mini-figures, a sub driver and engineer. Now for the big guy! the sea-monster is a big green underwater mystery, he could be the cousin of Nessie, the brother to Champ, or some other distant relative to any one of the mythical long necked lake or sea dwellers of folk lore. the Monster features moving arms and legs, long whipping tail to glide through the water, and an olive green complexion to blend into the murky depths. Pictures are included of every angle and detail. so if you want to scare the local Lego tourists in your own city-scape or just want to enjoy the looks vote for this set to make it a reality!!!


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