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Western Star Trucks - The Ultimate Truck Building Kit

About the inspirations and the real trucks:

Western Star Trucks is one of the biggest and most famous company, which is working with trucks. The Western Star 5700 Xe (which is my favourite) was last produced in 2021, but still one of the most famous trucks because of it's role in the Transformers movies (4 and 5) as Optimus Prime's alternate mod. It has a 82" High roof configuration which is a very long one. The truck is now available in the American Truck Simulator game too.

The truck building kit:

The kit consist of around 400 parts from which you can build a truck from 6 options. The truck has three chassis options: short, medium and long , three cab options: low roof, mid roof and high roof based on the original models and of its mostly used configurations.

Each of the trucks has an interior which includes a chair, a dashboard and a steering wheel. In the mid and high roof options a bed and a cupboard was added too.
The driver has a hammer, a radio, a Togo cup and an adjustable wrench for the repair jobs and the communication.

The models are 8 stud wide which is also synchronized with the Speed Champion and the Lego City and Creator vehicles.

The truck has two openable doors on the sides, and an easily removable roof.

There are several options for a personalized build too: the pipes, the accessories parts, the front lights and the sideskirts. You can make your truck the way you want.

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