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Avatar: Banshee Bonding

Welcome to the magical world of Pandora! This set features Jake, Neytiri, 2 Banshees, and some of Pandora's exotic plants! You can help Jake and Neytiri bond with their Banshees and take off on an epic journey, or you can go and explore Pandora. Each Banshee has its own unique detailing and colors. They also have many points of articulation so you can give them cool poses from the movie!

I created this set because the creativity of Pandora is magical, and I like the designs of the Banshees.

I think this would be a good Lego set because Avatar is a creative movie, and I think people would enjoy seeing it built from Legos.

If you would like to see this set become a reality, please support. All support is appreciated!
Do you like this set? What do you like about it? What features are your favorite?

A whole new world awaits your discovery, so hop on your Banshee and explore the magical world of Pandora!

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