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Batman - Bat Pod



This project is Batman - BAT-POD

The emergence of this BAT-POD in the movie was very intense.

So, I wanted to make this vehicle a little larger scale.

We can see the official model soon. But I will pursue it and different designs.

-Size of this Bat Pod-

29cm Length
9cm Width
7cm Height

This Bat Pod need 353 bricks for making.

I had to try to revive the distinctive angle of the vehicle.
I had a lot of attempts for the connection of the frame and body.
And, I added my own unique design partially


In order to maximize the exhibition effect, I was making a stand with nameplate only for this vehicle


If I have been able to get the front tire of the tumbler, I would have to produce a little more different designs. I think it is very inconvenient. However, on the one hand, I think tires now also fine.


I know that there are many creations on the Bat Pod.
I want to give
a more different feel to you as my Bat Pod.


I am always grateful for your support and messages.

Thanks to read this!

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