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Pharaoh Mask

Become an explorer of ancient egypt

This magnificent set represents an iconic pharaoh mask recovered from the ancient rooms of a mythical pharaoh. This piece is inspired in a egypt explorer's piece collection.
An amazing golden mask with jewels and precious metals embedded are part of the 970 pieces that make up this set in the front part, if you return the set you descover the recreation of a pharaoh's throne room, with great details of columns, monoliths and decoration. 

This set contains 4 minifigures:
*the pharaoh
*his wife
*two royal assistants.

To create this proyect, I focused in search key elements that colud be iconic in the pharaonic relics and united it in a set, seeking to recreate an element of desire for collection among the explorers of ancient Egypt. I consider this project to be a perfect set for the lego ideas line since it is a way of learning and apreciation towards a culture so important that it gave humanity great advances.

If 10,000 people support this project, it will be considered by LEGO for production ideas set.
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