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Lego CITY Crabboat Ideas


Hi every body this is a Alaska fishing boat i try to made it fit more in the CITY set 

-About me : as an lego fan and i love model boat so i combine two thing together and i got an awsome product becuz i don't got much lego part in real life so i have to build it on the LDD but the final product is cool and every one can build it 

-also i got ideas form the show named Deadliest Catch on Discovery channel ,it's about fisherman risking their live to catch the world most exspensive crab the KingCrab and battle the hard weather on the Bering Sea in Alaska 

-It include 6 minifigs :

.1 Captain

.5 Deckhand

-it got a floating hull of the lego CITY cargo ship set

-does not include the water base ( just for decoration )

-so hope you guys support and also stay awsome everyone :3 




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