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The Lion Knightes Fortress

One of the all-time favorite Lego themes is the Castle. People liked the armies, the castles, and everything in it. Following the popularity of the theme, we saw many castles in every scale and design here on Lego Ideas. Just like everyone, I too like the Castle theme, so I built a fortress of my favorite Castle theme: The Lion Knights.
The model consists of two parts, the tower and the wall.
-The tower has three levels: the prison in the lower level, with a heavy wooden door and thick walls. The middle level is the fortress commander room, with his desk, weapons and a little balcony. A ladder leading to the archer's embrasures in the highest level. 
-The wall protects the tower from intruders, but it's not impenetrable! There is a vulnerability in the wall, and it is possible to break through it!
The model comes with:
- The fortress commander
- Archer
- 2 guards
- Warrior
- 2 barbarians
- The barbarians horse
This is my fortress project, hope you like it, and please support!!!

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