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Classic Chess


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This is a playable chess set I designed that represent the classic black and white chess. It use a 32 by 32 baseplate with 2 by 2  Tan and Brown tiles for a wooden chess board look.

With Minimalist design in mind, all the pieces are simple and easy to build. which makes it fun for building and playing for all age.

Hope you like this project.


king (9pcs) 7.5 cm

queen (8pcs) 6.5cm

bishop (7pcs) 6cm

knight (14pcs) 5.5cm

rook (5pcs) 4.2cm

pawn (5pcs) 3.8cm


Total Lego parts used:  218 pieces(exclude 32 X 32 baseplate and 2 x 2 tan and brown tiles)

Please support and follow, Any comments or feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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