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Gento by SB19

SB19 is a P-pop  (Pinoy Pop) Group and is recognize as the “Kings of P-pop.” The group is composed of 5 members: Pablo, Stell, Justin, Josh and Ken. They are the group behind the viral hit “Gento.” A play of words that refer to “ganito” meaning “like this” and “ginto” meaning “gold”.

This Lego creation depicts scenes from their music video of the song Gento. The scene takes place in a mine. 

It features the following scenes from the music video
  1. Pablo with a pot baking potatoes
  2. Josh with some high end clothes, fur and sunglasses
  3. Stell in the shower
  4. Justin holding a magnifying glass with his dog
  5. Josh with a backhoe
  6. Pablo with Mephisto
  7. Ken on a throne with the Black Mamba
  8. Justin with a Bento Box.

And at the back we just have a shout out to the SB19 fandom, “A’tin.”

I hope you enjoy this MOC.

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