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Olsen Gang


For many years ago a movie series called Olsen Gang was released. There are 14 movies in all, 2 animations and some more. The Olsen Gang are Danish movies and take place probably must of the time in Copenhagen.

We have seen LEGO build the Olsen Gang in LEGOLAND, and we have seen that the Olsen Gang have used LEGO in one of the movies. So now I have to present the Olsen Gang in LEGO. A new idea for LEGO Ideas.

This idea is based on the movies and hopefully to be a new set released. This set contains the three Olsen Gang and Yvonne (Yvonne, Kjeld, Benny, and Egon from left to right) and the car. The car is a Chevrolet Bel Air. As a fantastic thing for Kjeld there is his bag, that one where he has all his stuff. There's also the Franz Jäger safe.
The functions in this set are, that the Franz Jäger can be open (see picture), and the car can open the doors and the boot (see Pictures).
A thing for Yvonne I think she should have is a duster or a bag. One of these things is them she always use in the movies. Another thing is, that the Franz Jäger safe shall have a sticker on the door so it look like the real in the movies

This set contains 431 bricks. The minifigures consist of 17 bricks. The Franz Jäger safe consist of 85 bricks. And the car consist of 329 bricks.

If you're a fan of the movies we can together make this set come to reality. Support this idea and if we get 10,000 supporters, LEGO will look at this idea.

Thanks for looking and also support.

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