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Classic Knights' Fortress


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This fortress is the home of the classic knights.
When I was child, I have got the classic LEGO castle sets (Knight's Procession (677), Knight's Joust (383 and Yellow castle (375)) from my parents. I've loved to play with them. (Now, I play with them with my kids.:-)) I remember that I always tried to build a small castle for the 677's and 383's figures from my other building sets. Now, I build in my old ideas to one castle set.

This fortress can be opened 180 degrees.
The Lord and Lady of the fort have a throne for both of them. They have a dining table, a bookcase and a sleeping cabin with a double bed and a tiled stove.
The soldiers have a room with three beds where they can rest.
There is a kitchen in the fort and a pantry. And there is a little dining corner too.
The soldiers can place their weapons and armors on the holders.
Water can be obtained from an internal well.
There is a stable for two horses with drinking-troughs and openable doors.
Stairs lead up to each level.
There is even a prison in the building.

I believe that there are a lot of creative ideas in this castle that makes the set really playable. 
The walls can be opened on 5 places too.
There is a secret exit too.
With the help of the removable trap, the lord of the fortress could easily get rid of unwanted individuals.
The soldiers' rest room is removable so you can easily acces the room itself and the stable below.
The roof is removable in 2 places too.

The set contains:
2882 parts,
10 figures with accessories,
2 horses with saddles.

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