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Mach Patrol Daitarn III


                                                                            Project Mach Patrol Daitarn 3


- Built entirely with Lego bricks

- Realistic reproduction of the Mach Patrol used by Haran Banjo

- Realistic transformation from machine to plane system

- Personalized stickers for Mach Patrol and Haran Banjo Minifigure

- Operative base with weapons

As a fan of 80s cartoons, I have always wanted to recreate my favorite Robot: the Daitarn 3

So with Lego I started to reproduce the Mach Patrol used by Haran Banjo to hook and pilot the Daitarn 3. I think my set is appreciated by everyone, and especially by lovers of 80s cartoons. Thank you for looking at my project, and if you like it, support me. So maybe in the future, it can become an original Lego set



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