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Meridian Galley

The galley moves slightly through the sea... the drum tells a rhythm of work.
Some guards watch out for enemies, while the high priest is in meditation.
Ancient meets fantasy. Lets have a look...or two.


Here it comes. The meridian galley. Over 80 studs long, a battering ram on the lean bow.

Hey, i´m Björn. A FOL and a admin of THE BRICK TIME I´m glad to show you the second of my Cuusoo projects.

The galley is a moc from the last year and for the cuusoo project i´ve made some upgrade on it.

If you want the galley to be part of your fantasy realm - support this project!

Best regards from germany


Front view - the archer is watching out!

Some guards on the lean bow.

From the rear the priest is watching and controlling the ship and his guards.

18.02.2014 - 100 Supportes - Yeah!
Just startet...lets get it on!

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