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Maleficent’s Dragon Transformation


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Thank you for stopping by. This is “Maleficent’s Dragon Transformation”. (Maleficent for short)

This build was originally built in real life to serve purpose in a large LEGO Disney Setup.

I would like to carry on the legacy of all the Disney Fans who still like the cartoon animated films. Especially those who love the classic Sleeping Beauty movie and the villain Maleficent. I would carry it on by having the Mistress of Evil (of Disney) into a glorious set. 

This set is a wonderful addition for any of the Disney sets. Though it could be more of a collectors item, it can be brought into battle at  almost any moment.


1 Maleficent Minifigure with 1 Black Crow (Diablo)

Maleficent as a Dragon:
The Dragon wings can rotate and flap and fold.

The Dragon neck can bob up and down with the head that has a mouth that can open. 

The Dragon torso can twist to add extra motion for walking positions.

The heavy Dragon tail can sway back and forth slightly, and can hold Maleficent’s front weight into the air when on her hind legs. 

And final. The Dragon legs can stretch outward and swing back and forth for wide variety of poses.

LEGO needs more brick models like this one. A model of Just LEGO, and little to none Technic. 

The place’s to put this dragon are:
Near a Castle 
Near an Evil Lair
Near other Dragons
Near other Disney
Near Disney Princesses

I wish you the best in deciding what choices you will make with your very own Maleficent Dragon. 

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