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Island Ruin Exploration

The adventures of Jimmy Thunder.

The idea was that the son of the original Johny Thunder, followed in his fathers footsteps. Becoming an archaeologist and adventurer. On this island they discover a forgotten temple. In search for riches they encounter other archaeologists that don't want to play fair.

One of my favorite Lego Themes of all time is Adventurers. This island ruin is an hommage to the adventurers sets that I loved so much as a kid. So now as an adult I'm nostalgic to the theme. Indiana Jones was also a huge inspiration. I totally missed out on all Indiana Jones sets from years back. Sad...

With this project I wanted to revive the adventure theme. It took me around 3 days to design this project. The adventure theme has already been explored in many ways but in my eyes, it never gets old.

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