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Viking's Camp

Viking's camp
Embark on the Vikings world with this incredibly detailed and magical Lego set. Take the boat to dock on the beach, climb the wooden ladder to reach the heights of the island and thus reach the Viking tents that form the camp. Enjoy delicious  crabs or fishes  while admiring the view from the two perches located high up. With  Viking's  Camp, you'll have the opportunity to create a thousand different adventures, and exhibit a stunning Lego set wherever you want to put it.

-The complex consists of a main beach, a ladder, two brown and white tents/border ,a campfire, a promontory, a small boat, a birch and an oak tree in the colors of autumn and three Viking characters.

What for?
It is possible to ask why build a Lego set related to the Vikings? Well because Nordic culture is just exciting, and little Lego set illustrates it in a good way. This construction aims to make young and old dream having (or not) origins with the people of the north. Viking's  Camp is a unique ensemble because it is original, whimsical and takes us on a journey through time and space, in the time of the Vikings and the great wilderness!

So don't hesitate, Nordic friends, to support plan!!

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