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Wooden Chalet Building Set


I present you my third lego ideas project : the first two are the big staircase of the titanic and a playable table soccer if you are interested.

What I present today is a representation in lego of the famous wooden game that puts at your disposal different pieces of wood to build mountain chalets that can be dismantled to build as many as you want because the only limit is the limit of your imagination.

I had this idea during the holidays and I remembered an old memory that the first construction toy that I had ofert as a child was this wooden chalet game, after time you doubt it was the lego.

So I searched on the net and I found no representation of this emblematic game made in lego even on this platform does not exist so this is why and how I had the idea to build it.

This construction was for me very easy to do, there were moments of the construction very complicated because it was necessary that the 15 different parts assemble in all the situations of construction that one imagines, here is already a complicated stage that I succeeded there were others but on the whole I am very happy with the result.

I think that it could be a very good building set for children and adults who will want to go back to childhood because I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one who had this building set before lego and for some people it was the beginning of a great passion.

I hope that this construction has you more, if this is the case do not hesitate to be one of the supporters who will make this project a real lego set.

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