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The Princess Bride: The Man in Black

"Who are you?"
"No one of consequence."
This mysterious character from The Princess Bride refuses to reveal his identity, for no particular reason. The plot of The Princess Bride revolves around this person dressed in black as he, Wesley, strives to save his true love.
My recreation of the Man in Black is a little bit smaller than most Brickheadz® characters, composed of only 87 bricks. In case you didn't catch what the red grille tile on his arm was, that's Wesley's wound from the ROUS. Notice that you are able to see hints of blonde hair here and there peeping through his mask. I don't think there is any more detail that I could have put into this character.
I had previously created the bishop from this movie and wished to build more of The Princess Bride's characters. Wesley's masked character was fun to build.
Hope you enjoy!

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