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Beachside Juice Hut


Beachside Juice Hut!

Welcome to the seaside snack bar! This is where the LEGO people come to relax by the waves with a refreshing glass of juice.  They have a delicious selection of ice-creams, ice lollies and pretzels on offer too! The Old Sea Captain and his colourful First Mate are always happy to serve you in this tropical haven. 


  • Two exciting minifigures, accessorised with a scuba diving hat, anchor hat, bugle and a life jacket.
  • A price sign
  • Two chairs and a table
  • An oven, complete with a saucepan and electric whisk.
  • 6 juice cups
  • A cupcake, pretzel, ice-cream and ice lolly.
  • A surfboard, a butterfly, two bugs and 18 flowers!
  • The Juicomatic 1000 - designed by the Captain himself, it juices with astonishing speed! But only the Captain knows where to find electricity to power it on this isolated tropical island...

We really enjoyed designing this little hut. There is a great attention to detail, with waves breaking on the shore, textured grass and translucent lights. We hope the canopy of leaves in the hut and the colour pallette of this set convey its happy, beachy atmosphere. It would be a lovely set to build and play with, so please support us to 10,000! Have a nice day!

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