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Classic US Truck RC

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Calling all LEGO truckers! This project combines the timeless beauty of classic US trucks with Technic functionality and playability. It features a fully motorized semi-truck with a detachable trailer, built at just slightly above minifigure scale. Drive and steering are controlled remotely using LEGO Control+ system, the truck's doors and hood can be opened and the steering wheel actually works! The trailer comes equipped with opening doors that snap shut and with parking outriggers that lock when deployed. There's even a tiny engine model under the truck's hood!

Full list of features:
  • remotely controlled drive and steering
  • working steering wheel
  • opening doors, hood and trailer doors
  • cabin interior and engine model under the hood
  • detachable trailer with working outriggers
  • functional fifth wheel: attach and detach the trailer by operating the outriggers
  • near-minifigure scale
  • the truck is 34cm long (12.6"), the trailer is 52 cm long (20.4"), the whole set is 75 cm long (29.5") when coupled

See it on a video here:

The only thing this project is missing is your support! Please help it get a chance of becoming an official LEGO set by hitting that SUPPORT button.

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