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Fortress of Solitude, Phantom Zone Breakout

Batman has had quiet a bit of the LEGO limelight with a great number of sets, games and even lead role in the Lego Movie packed under his ever expanding utility belt and he's helped introduce some other fellow DC heroes and villains to the LEGO universe. It would be awesome to see more stepping out from his shadow with their own sets.

(not that I don't like Batman, it's just with each set I'm growing a small army the Dark Knight ;P )

  The obvious starting point would be Superman, I know Superman too has a handful of sets, however all but one are based around the Man of Steel movie, it would be nice to see a lot more based around the comic side as there is a rich collection of characters and locations to pick from.

  What better place to start than his "Fortress of Solitude"

  This is the first set I've designed and also first time using the Lego Digital Designer and found it great fun experimenting with the endless supply of bricks. So much, that it was easy to get carried away and just keep adding more and more, to which I had to restrain myself and shelve a few ideas in order to keep it reasonably simple and easy to access. (however leaves it open for expansions/add-ons)

  The design tries to include main characteristics you'd expect to find within the Fortress of Solitude, these consist of...

•The Crystal Spires (which can stand at different angles)

•Superman's crystal console, which allow for interchangeable crystals and the "Bottled city of Kandor"

•The Phantom Zone mirror, which rotates to allow a villain to escape/enter the gateway.

•A statue of Superman's Kryptonian parents.

•2x Display cases / Holding cells which can hold Trophies or dangerous creatures Superman has obtained.

  The design of the mini figures included in the set are based on the "New 52" comic book characters.

•Superman (Kal-El)

•Supergirl (Kara Zor-El)


•Metallo (John Corben)

•Lexbot (Captured/Trophy)

  The obvious choice for villains would've been Lex Luthor or Zod (links with Phantom Zone) however both already exist as mini figures in previous sets and wanted to introduce someone different. I would've liked to have done Doomday or Darkside however I feel these are bigger characters which would require a bulky custom type figurine similar to The Hulk.
  So I included Brainiac due to his links with the bottled city of Kandor and Supergirl, while being a villain that could potentially be sent to the Phantom Zone.

  Metallo just came about while constructing different ideas from the mini figure parts, while could also form some sort of partnership with Brainiac (whether that's willingly or corrupted)

As mentioned this is my first attempt at submitting a project and would very much welcome any support and advice/criticism.

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